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August 2022


Smart ideas for government lawyers

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Why community legal centres are the “beating heart” of the legal profession

Recent events such as the 2022 floods, COVID-19 pandemic and 2019-20 bushfire season have caused an unprecedented demand for the legal assistance sector in NSW. Add to that funding shortfalls and a staffing crisis, the sector is fighting an uphill battle but is determined to bounce back stronger. Read more

Leadership and trust on display at inaugural conference
The Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court will lead an impressive line-up of speakers at the Law Society of NSW's inaugural conference next month. The second day of the Conference will bring together the Government Solicitors, Rural Issues and Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) conferences.
Government Solicitors Awards
Public sector solicitors can now apply for the John Hennessy Legal Scholarship (valued at up to $10,000) or nominate someone for the Michelle Crowther PSM Excellence in Government Legal Service Award. Applications close Friday 12 August.
Russia/Ukraine sanctions: are you or your clients at risk of breaching the sanctions?
Australia’s expanded sanctions regime has recently featured in news headlines following Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
Addressing a ‘critical’ need in family violence matters
The new Critical Incident List manages cases in which a non-parent carer is seeking parenting orders where no parent is available to care for the child due to death, critical injury or incarceration due to family violence.
Making time for failure
To its detriment, corporate culture values efficiency over experimentation and meeting performance targets over the learned experience which comes only from making mistakes.