Public Record

October 2022


Smart ideas for government lawyers


Thinking of quiet quitting?

Our relationship with work has undergone a dramatic shift during the pandemic. We’re more in tune with our mental health and desire better work-life balance. We’re increasingly fed up with toxic workplaces and hustle culture – an expectation that we put in long hours and put work at the centre of life. Read more

Making a difference
“The supports have been so important because they’ve made it possible for me to believe in myself through them believing in me.” These words were spoken by a 17-year-old participant in the Youth Koori Court to over 300 people during the 2022 BOCSAR Winter Seminar Series in June.
Keeping your counsel
The ethical obligation of lawyers to maintain the confidentiality of communications with their clients is well known. It is the assurance of confidentiality that encourages clients to disclose to their lawyer the most intimate details of their personal and business affairs.
‘Relief, help and hope’
The NSW Government has finally issued its response to a landmark report on ice addiction more than two years since it was handed down, and less than a month after the state’s peak legal organisations condemned cabinet’s failure to implement urgent reforms.
UN win for Torres Strait Islanders on climate change damage
Australia violated the rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to act on climate change, the UN says. Here’s what that means.
Just Chat with Carina Ford
The Murugappan family became the face of Australia's tough asylum-seeker policies. Their lawyer Carina Ford dials in to talk about the family's return to Biloela, the unspoken trauma of immigrants, and the policies needed to support refugees.