Recognition in

other states

Practitioners may be able to have their accreditation recognised in another state under the Specialist Accreditation Mutual Recognition Policy.

Gaining mutual recognition may enable specialists who work in more than one state to maximise the opportunity to promote the services they offer.

The Specialist Accreditation Mutual Recognition Policy has been designed to cater for legal practitioners who:

  • practise in a location close to a border and who are likely to draw clients from both states,
  • practise in two or more states and who deal with clients from those states, and
  • relocate their practice to a state different to that of their original accreditation.

If you have moved inter-state with your firm, or are currently required to service clients in more than one state, you may be eligible to have your accreditation recognised both here in NSW and in the second state in which you are practising.

For more information on how the mutual recognition policy may apply to you, please contact the Specialist Accreditation Program by emailing